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Denture cases

Case 1


Patient presented to my office for a new set of denture

Note uneven smile and asymmetry 


With proper teeth selection and the highest quality material,  I set the teeth with a patient chairside ( I never let Lab decide what teeth to select and where to place them)


The upper teeth are beautifully following lower lip and the patient shows the proper amount of tooth for her age. 


Case 2 

The following patient has been wearing a denture for 40 years and her severely resorbed jaws were giving her an "old look"

 Before (on the left)                                                After (on the right)        


New teeth set up was done chairside to fit patient's expectations. 


Note the difference in size of dentures. Proper extentions of the denture and lower implants gave a patient proper retention and support


Note the improvement in patient's profile.


Case 3

Patient with periodontally hopeless teeth

Unfortunatelly all teeth had to be extracted and dentures made.


Teeth set up and teeth selection visit. I move the teeth around to find an ideal esthetic and functional position

Before and after profile


Before and after smile



Case 4

5 year old boy with ectodermal dysplasia (multiple missing and misshaped teeth)


First I build up the front teeth to make them look more esthetics and then I placed just 2 ortho brackets to bring them closer together


Now the patient is ready for his dentures.


Before and after 




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